David Tredinnick: Wow. I mean, woo.

You have to love British politics. At a quarter to two on the morning of the 20th of Feb, one David Tredinnick, MP, started a debate on complementary and alternative medicine, specifically homeopathy. Perhaps there was some convoluted procedural reason for starting a debate at that time of the morning, I don’t know, but to me it smacks of either embarassment or sneaky underhand goings-on. Anyway, his opening speech is available here, or more amusingly, in a post by Ben Goldacre on Badscience blog.

Tredinnick seems to be rather a champion for CAM; many of this parliamentary comments have been about alternative medicine in its various forms. One of his recent House of Commons debates is actually rather amusing, especially the response by Rob Marris.

However, Gimpy has to win an internet for this post on the subject! See also JQH here.

My next project is to find out whether Australian parliament has some equally deluded members. I often find parliamentary debates more like a bunch of kindergarteners yelling childish taunts at each other, no matter what the country. Britain has this lovely pompousness and formality with the ‘honourable Gentlemen and Ladies’. In Australian politics, it’s more likely to be ‘you mongrel’, ‘arselicker‘ or ‘mangy maggot‘. Still, as long as the political process works, right? So let’s hope David Tredinnick gets stomped on quick.

ETA: Well, well. David Tredinnick has struck again. Have a look at his idiotic support for a Dr. suspended by the GMC. The woman was clearly not acting in ‘her patients best interests’. Sounds like she’s a friend of his.

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5 Comments on “David Tredinnick: Wow. I mean, woo.”

  1. stavros Says:

    In England it is ridiculous. Even the Prince supports homeopathy. And the worse thing is he is allowed to express his opinion publicly on things he doesn’t know about, and influence matters and decisions. Oh well…

  2. ambrielle Says:

    I agree. It’s beyond stupid. The Princes Foundation for Integrated Health (http://www.fih.org.uk/) will end up spending millions and have nothing to show for it, and his Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (http://www.fih.org.uk/what_we_do/regulation/the_complementary.html), lends the CAMsters a false legitimacy in the eyes of the gullible.

  3. Mark Says:

    The timing isn’t due to any sneakiness or embarrassment. At the end of each parliamentary day there is an “adjournment debate”, which usually lasts 30 minutes max. it is an opportunity to discuss issues, often relating to a Member’s constituency, which would not otherwise get parliamentary tiome. No vote is taken and often the only speakers are the Member whose debate it is and the Minister replying. That Tuesday the Government kept the Commons up late because they wanted to get through all the stages of the Bill to nationalise Northern Rock, the failing bank. So just because Tredinnick got some time, it doesn’t mean that anything will happen.

  4. Dr Aust Says:

    The Dr Langdon that Tredinnick was supporting sounds utterly tree-huggingly bonkers. Dowsing is going it a bit, even for Camden Town.

    She is a graduate of London University, which should give David Colquhoun palpitations. Still on the UK medical register, though not the GP one as far as I can tell.

  5. ambrielle Says:

    Ah, thanks for that Mark. It explains the timing, and one must give them credit for actually sticking around the House for so long. I wonder how many of his colleagues stayed, given that they must have guessed what his topic would be from past performances? I hope you are right that nothing will happen with this issue.

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