Quote for the Week

Heh. This just popped up on fstdt.com

mk016.jpg“The Church has a proven history of using faith to triumph over science. When Christians switched to battling with the weapon of science, they began suffering one defeat after another. Evolutionists have good reason to crow about their victories in public schools and in institutes of higher learning. Over the years, they have mopped the floor up with creationists, having won virtually every major contest. With creation science having such a dismal record, I think it’s time to look for a better strategy”

Todd Strandberg, Rapture Ready 2007-Oct-21

It pains me that people like this need to take just one more little step of logic to join reality, yet refuse to do so.

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2 Comments on “Quote for the Week”

  1. benanite Says:

    Relating to what? As in, what do you mean?

  2. Ymx Says:

    Haha, nice comment.

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