The purpose of this blog is to contribute to the worldwide conspiracy to destroy quacks, CAMmongers and fundamentalists of every stripe. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding, sort of.

Actually, as I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, I was playing around with alliterative words to describe my attitude towards all types of woo. One which describes my feelings is “aggravation”. No surprise there, but what made me giggle was the Related Ads that Thesaurus.com came up with:

Related Ads:
Boiron Homeopathic Remedies
Natural Medicine
A Homeopathic Remedy
Homeopathic Cure Brighton

Anyway, take yourselves off to Badscience Forum and Badscience for lots of interesting sciency things by people who are much cleverer than I, and who also came up with the name for this blog after I gave up!

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3 Comments on “Heh.”

  1. woodchopper Says:

    Good start, keep it up.

    (Apologies if this posts twice, tried to post a second ago and it crashed).

  2. ambrielle Says:

    I’ve never been there. What’s wrong with it? Presumably it’s got enough water though. I’m not sure what homeopathy could do.

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